Zollikon III is the worst team in Switzerland

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Only winner in the BLICK cucumber game between the two worst football teams in Switzerland: Zollikon wins a certificate, Ersigen 500 francs, both a lot of sympathy and Rainer Bieli a kilo of cucumbers.

Gurken-Salat – The two ex-professionals Rainer Bieli (39) and Urs „Longo“ Schönenberger (59) are clearly betting on „their“ teams ahead of the big hit. Bieli, who led a training session for Ersigen, is optimistic: „6:3 Ersigen, Zollikon has scored almost 100 goals. Schönenberger also predicts a goal festival: „5:3 Zollikon.“ Betting stake? Bieli: „A kilo of cucumbers…“ Bieli will soon be selling cucumber salad.

New look – The Schiri trio around Luigi Ponte – flawless by the way – is so pleased that the BLICK is committed to amateur football that a BLICK logo can be sewn onto the shirt.


Bottle closed – Ersigen travels to a game for the first time in a car. With it some Harassen beer. As announced, the bottles are only opened after the game. When getting out the Ersiger distribute pennants. Like professionals. On arrival in Ersigen heissts: Bottle empty. Casino star has many promotions and a new and exciting casino game.

Master painter – Like professionals even in the 25th minute: Rütti – the painter loves Burgdorf beer – wonderful on pipe network fitter Lehmann. Student Steiger in the Zolliker goal without a chance. 1:0. 2:0 again Assist Rütti. Bieli: „The painter has drawn two clean lines…“

Nobody like Schreiner – but the first chances belong to Zollikon. But Mosimann in the Ersiger box, who plays without lenses in spite of his visual handicap, runs off the ball twice to the stormy care professional Hofstetter. If it has to be, carpenter Mosimann can also be rustic, the ball flies over the stadium roof. Top! Great atmosphere –

Giant atmosphere – the 520 fans provide for a mad atmosphere in the stadium Niedermatten. The „Gurkenkick“ is a folk festival with beer and sausage, speech choirs and standing ovation. With the use of paypal casino, payouts is easier.

Student with cramp – Everyone would have expected earlier in the stadium and at home in front of the computer on Blick.ch. In the 75th happens! The first one, who remains on the ground with a cramp, is student Vedova – Zolliker wing.

Party – huge cheers after the end of the game. Ersigen captain Mika Kiener (2 minutes after the final whistle with beer in his hand): „A great experience, we would like to be there again next year… Whereby, then we would have to lose everything again.“ Zollikons player coach Taparelli: „We played well. We had some problems with our physical condition. Zollikon is also celebrated frenetically“.

Thanks a lot – FC Wohlen also enjoys the „cucumber game“. The club is also available for next year as a venue. BLICK and amateur football say: Thank you very much, until next year.

That’s what the BLICK cucumber game is all about

Forget the Champions or Super League. On Wednesday the 2nd team of SC Ersigen (Canton Bern) and the 3rd team of SC Zollikon (Canton Zurich) played the BLICK cucumber game. The comparison of the two worst teams in Switzerland. Both 5th league teams did not win a single game last season. And this is exactly why SC Ersigen II and SC Zollikon III played against each other on Wednesday evening in the Niedermatten Stadium in Wohlen AG.

A game in which there were no losers. Because the winner receives 500 francs in the team’s coffers, and the loser is officially the worst team in Switzerland. Playing with bet365 casino makes everyone a winner.

The idea behind the BLICK cucumber game: We want to honour Switzerland’s amateurs. There are about 270,000 licensed footballers. But only very few of them are in the spotlight. We give the unknown amateurs a face.