Survey: partnership and listing announcements have the greatest impact on cryptographic prices

Listing information on exchanges and partnership agreements has the greatest impact on the price of assets, but this effect is short-lived and volatile. This is stated in a joint report by eToro platform and The TIE data aggregator.

The results of the study show that news related to financing, mergers and acquisitions take place over a longer period of time and can have both positive and negative effects on quotations. Experts attribute this to the non-public nature of the information, which forces investors to show a longer interest in these events.

Only in half of the cases did the announcement of the Bitcoin Evolution review launch of the main network lead to a positive revaluation of the asset. According to analysts, it is connected with that the majority of traders prepare for such development of events in advance.

Information about the attack 51% in four out of five cases leads to an average loss of 3%.

Influences on prices and the source of information. For example, regulatory information had the greatest impact if it was distributed by an official source. Air traffic information – if it was published on Twitter.

„Contrary to the view that crypto-currencies are unpredictable and subject to manipulation, the study found that the reaction of digital assets, at least in the short term, is no different from that of stocks,“ Joshua Fran, head of The TIE, told CryptoBriefing.

The researchers used the Crypto SigDev trading terminal for the analysis. It allows leading media, hedge funds, exchanges, token issuers, research firms and market participants to track the most important events in the cryptographic space.

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