Secure Mainnet Launch: Base Focuses on Security Ahead of Launch

• Coinbase’s Base layer 2 network has announced its security-first approach ahead of its mainnet launch on Ethereum.
• It is based on Optimism’s standardized developer stack and has undergone multiple audits and security checks.
• Base is developing an open-source monitoring tool called Pessimism to get notifications about possible vulnerabilities.

Coinbase’s Layer 2 Base Focuses on Security

Coinbase’s layer 2 network, Base, has released an announcement focusing on its security efforts ahead of the mainnet launch on Ethereum. The network is forked off Optimism and the team considers this an advantage for their security measures. They are also developing a tool called Pessimism to monitor potential vulnerabilities.

Optimism Stack & Internal Audits

Base is built upon Optimism’s standardized developer stack and have performed various internal audits in partnership with OP Labs over the past six months. These audits have included over 100 protocol researchers from Code4rena who have found no security vulnerabilities or breaches so far.

Pessimism Tool & External Audits

Base is also developing an open-source monitoring tool called Pessimism to get notifications about possible vulnerabilities like account balance irregularities, contract events, or disparities between transactions. This will help ensure that the blockchain remains secure by providing external audits of the protocol as well as responding quickly to any potential issues that arise .

Coinbase Best Practices

The team behind the network said that they are utilizing “Coinbase’s security best practices” along with decentralized security protocols from open source codebases in order to keep Base secure before and after launch. This includes simulated exercises which test their response capabilities in case of incidents or attacks on the system.


Security is a key element in building trust within a platform and bringing more users onboard – something which Coinbase hopes to achieve with its new layer 2 solution, Base Network. By combining open source codebases with Coinbase’s best practices, they aim to provide a safe environment where users can make transactions securely and without worry