Zollikon III is the worst team in Switzerland

Only winner in the BLICK cucumber game between the two worst football teams in Switzerland: Zollikon wins a certificate, Ersigen 500 francs, both a lot of sympathy and Rainer Bieli a kilo of cucumbers. Gurken-Salat – The two ex-professionals Rainer Bieli (39) and Urs „Longo“ Schönenberger (59) are clearly betting on „their“ teams ahead of the big hit. Bieli, who led a training session for Ersigen, is optimistic: „6:3 Ersigen, Zollikon has scored almost 100 goals. Schönenberger also predicts a


Women’s Nati has to scramble in the World Cup barrage

The Swiss women’s soccer team is missing out on its definitive participation in the 2019 World Cup in France. After the 0:0 against Poland, the barrage is now about everything or nothing. With the 0:0 against Poland, the Nati will not be able to qualify directly for the 2019 World Cup in France. Because Scotland won against Albania 2:1, the Scottish side was able to lose the group win to the Swiss on the last matchday. The Swiss had it


„For me, summer is the only time to be a captain.“

Who should wear the Captain’s bandage when Stephan Lichtsteiner (34) is not playing? The big expert survey. Ludovic Magnin, 62 international games: „Actually, I’m not a fan of goalies as a captain. Because a goalkeeper can have less influence on the team than a field player, he even warms himself up alone. But in the current constellation there are probably few alternatives to Yann Sommer. But that’s an opinion from the outside, I don’t know the inner workings of the

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