: North Korean Hackers Attempt to Launder $27 Million in ETH

• North Korean hackers responsible for the Harmony Bridge attack have attempted to launder an additional $27 million in Ethereum (ETH).
• The hackers tried to move the funds through exchanges, similar to how they moved the $63.9 million on January 13th.
• Some exchanges acted quickly and froze part of the stolen assets.

North Korea’s infamous Lazarus Group has once again made headlines, this time for attempting to launder another $27 million in Ethereum (ETH) after their successful raid of the Harmony Bridge platform in late 2022. The attack, which has been linked to the North Korean government, saw the hackers manage to steal an estimated $63.9 million in ETH.

In a recent tweet, Crypto Investigative Researcher ZachXBT revealed that the hackers had just finished laundering another $27.18 million from the Harmony Bridge exploit. The on-chain sleuth reported that the hackers tried to move the funds through exchanges, similar to how they moved the $63.9 million on January 13th. Although ZachXBT refrained from disclosing which platforms had received the ETH, he did notify the exchanges of the transactions.

Upon receiving the notification, some exchanges acted quickly and part of the stolen assets were frozen. However, when asked how much was frozen, ZachXBT declined to comment. This news follows the FBI’s announcement that two separate groups of North Korean government hackers were responsible for the Harmony Bridge attack.

The news of the attempted laundering has caused a stir in the crypto world, as the Harmony Bridge hack has become one of the biggest crypto thefts in history. With the hackers attempting to move the money through exchanges, it is likely that more funds could be frozen in the coming weeks.

The situation is a reminder of the importance of cybersecurity, as well as the need for exchanges to remain vigilant in order to protect users’ funds. While the North Korean government has yet to comment on the attempted laundering, it is clear that the FBI and other agencies will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that the hackers do not succeed in their attempt to launder the funds.