„For me, summer is the only time to be a captain.“

Who should wear the Captain’s bandage when Stephan Lichtsteiner (34) is not playing? The big expert survey.

Ludovic Magnin, 62 international games: „Actually, I’m not a fan of goalies as a captain. Because a goalkeeper can have less influence on the team than a field player, he even warms himself up alone. But in the current constellation there are probably few alternatives to Yann Sommer. But that’s an opinion from the outside, I don’t know the inner workings of the Nati and the group dynamics.“

Hanspeter Latour, former GC and Cologne trainer: „Yann Sommer! He has proven himself with his experience. His public image is very good. For me he is predestined for this position. I can imagine that he has something to say internally“.

Murat Yakin, 49 international matches: „Yann Sommer! Because he now has enough experience. He appeals to everyone, is very communicative, speaks all languages. In the current situation, Yann is more than justifiable as captain“.

Marco Streller, 37 international games: „Granite Xhaka, he is a leader and an incredible footballer. Or Yann Sommer, he is accepted by everyone, a great backer and has a lot of experience“. The stargames review just recently launched their mobile casino.

Pascal Zuberbühler, 51 international matches: „I would keep Lichtsteiner. If not, then Yann Sommer will have to sit safely in the boat. As a goalie, you’re not allowed to leave the penalty area in controversial scenes, otherwise you’ll be rejected. But in terms of type, attitude and mentality, only Yann comes into question for me.“

Benjamin Huggel, 41 international matches: „The next captain could be Yann Sommer. He has a top clean image, in his whole career it has continuously gone up, there were no breaks or scandals. And he outgrew himself at the World Cup. My second candidate would be Fabian Schär. However, he would have to be Newcastle’s regular, otherwise he would lack acceptance. Granit Xhaka, Xherdan Shaqiri, Ricardo Rodriguez and the existing Captain Lichtsteiner are still top performers who can make demands. I also trust Manuel Akanji to play this role in the future. He still has to prove himself. But there are two or three points that speak more for Yann. In the current phase, Sommer radiates more leadership and a sense of responsibility for the Swiss national team“. The Ladbrokes review will help you determine whether to continue playing or not.

Jörg Stiel, 21 international matches: „Yann Sommer is predestined for the position of Captain because he is outstanding in human and sporting terms and subordinates himself to the team.

Christoph Spycher, 47 international matches: „Especially after the recent incidents, the Captain will have important tasks to take on. I don’t want to judge from the outside who should take responsibility. It must be someone who leads the way and represents the colours of the Swiss national team in a well coordinated manner. Coach Vladimir Petkovic will make the right decision as to who is predestined to hold the Captain’s office.“

Stéphane Chapuisat, 103 international matches: „I don’t want to commit myself to one name. What is important is that the captain has great credibility and acceptance both internally and externally and represents the values of the Swiss national team.“

Bidu Zaugg, ex-Nati coach: „I don’t know the inner workings of the national team. But from the outside, Goalie Yann Sommer should be the captain. If he wasn’t going to play, I’d even give his replacement Roman Bürki the bandage.“

Ancillo Canepa, FCZ president: „Because of his personality, Yann Sommer would be a candidate. But I prefer a field player. Granite Xhaka would have the format.“

Alex Frei, 84 international matches: „I don’t talk about names, but a captain must be the undisputed starter and top performer in the club.

Christian Constantin, Sion President: „It’s clear to me that Yann Sommer is the best captain. He impressed me completely at the World Cup in Russia. Through his sporting performance, which for example was much more balanced than that of Granit Xhaka. But also as a person, how he took care of his fellow players. Anyone who plays so well deserves to be a captain!  Betfair Sportsbook is something new these days.