Earn Stablecoins with Fluidity Money Cashback Program!

• Fluidity Money, a DeFi protocol, has launched a cashback program with Request Finance.
• Customers are rewarded in stablecoins when they make payments using the app.
• The rewards are financed by yield generated from depositing stablecoins into a smart contract.

Fluidity Money Launches Cashback Program

Fluidity Money, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, has launched a cashback program with Request Finance, an enterprise crypto payments app. Both customers and merchants can receive rewards in the form of stablecoins when they use the payment platform.

How Does it Work?

The cashback rewards are funded by Fluidity Money’s wrapped stablecoins, or „Fluid Assets“. To mint these tokens, users must deposit equivalent amounts of USDC or USDT into a smart contract. Eighty percent of the yield generated from these deposits is used to finance the cashback payouts. As more people utilize wrapped stablecoins through Fluidity Money, larger rewards will be available to users.

Rewards for All

The new loyalty program offers both customers and merchants rewards when they make payments on Request Finance. Every time someone sends money through the app, both parties can receive random distributions of stablecoins directly into their wallets after each transaction is completed. By introducing this initiative, businesses have an incentive to accept crypto payments as well as reward customers who choose to pay with digital currencies instead of fiat currency.

Expanding Beyond Stablecoins

Currently, Fluidity Money only disburses rewards in the form of stablecoins but plans to expand its offering to other loyalty programs in the future. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) could be introduced which would allow businesses and consumers to access ticketed experiences and digital collectibles as part of their reward scheme.


Through its cashback program with Request Finance, Fluidity Money is providing customers and merchants alike with incentives to use cryptocurrency for payments while simultaneously earning rewards in return without having to worry about high fees or interest rates associated with traditional banking solutions or other DeFi protocols.